This music below (in the YouTube video) is what I had in my mind when I wrote this poem.

Under a velvet desert sky I found you
Naked like the moon
And glorious as the sun

In your presence, at last,
I discovered the desert beauty
And it is your grace
That I'll keep seeking

You are covered with mystery

A singer of silence
A catalyst of thought
A goddess

At your most beautiful
The most jaded eyes open
The most weary mind reflects
And the bravest heart dreads

At times you scare me

As your deepness arises
Drops of darkness fall
Setting all lucidity at stake

Many have drowned
The survivors are scarce
But prevailing
Means to transcend this human condition

Would you let me be my own savior?

Sharing you with others means I don't have you at all
Can't you be mine alone?