I am an independent researcher and the Chief Science Officer and a co-founder of Nutrino. You can find my curriculum vitae here (last updated on September 24th, 2014).

This website has several purposes.

First, it is dedicated to three of my four biggest passions: physics, mathematics and philosophy. Since I consider these three disciplines to be inherently linked they are combined in the Philosophia Naturalis section.

The Academia section contains information about courses I teach or taught (see Teaching page), my research & publications, talks and other academia related content. It partially intersects with the Philosophia Naturalis section.

If you know me, you won’t find it difficult to guess that my fourth passion is our world itself. The Traveling section is all about that. In addition, you may find various projects I worked / work on in the Projects section.

This website is also a medium for me to post updates on other matters that are on my mind, such as animal rights, politics and more.